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Ok lets be honest we all enjoy a stop of dogging / outdoor sex and no where is that more apparent than the Scottish dogging trannies that look towards having outdoor meets dogging locations & scotland cottaging places

The term Dogging is one of those sexual terms that just about everyone knows mainly due to the massive publicity its had over the years, but whilst many will assume its scottish couples only that go dogging they are VERY must mistaken and transvestites & crossdressers love to dog also

Finding "SAFE" places for crossdressing outdoor sex !

Finding safe places where scotland based CD,TV or TS can play / meet has always been something that concerns members as unlike couples dogging its unlikely to get a rejection if someone approaches you but as a dogging tranny you need to be aware far more

Which is why more members than every before are turning towards the forums section and checking out dogging postings from members so they can gain a solid and honest feedback of scottish dogging locations.

It doesn't matter where about's in scotland you live if like thousands you love the tranny dogging scene you i'll soon be able to get the low down on the best and YES worst places around the North!

So if your looking for some outdoor sex meets forget all these premium paid sites as you can access all the dogging forums for FREE so read details on locations and even if you want arrange directly with the member for a meet rather than just turning up and hoping someone turns up

Take the risk guaranteed dogging meets

One of the risks with dogging is heading out to a location then sitting and waiting and waiting and if your anything like me falling asleep LOL - so take the risk out of a wasted trip by arranging with one of our Scottish admirers to meet you at a dogging location and that way you'll know your not putting your best knickers on for nothing

Features of the Scottish dogging forums

  • Free to post
    the forums are completely free to use but for safety / security you do have to be a member first as this stops idiots from posting crap and keeps the information current
  • Directly respond to tranny / members profiles
    When a member posts details within the forums section by clicking on the members name you can directly read his profile and then send a private message to them. So if they post details of outdoor meet you can arrange with them again assuring some dogging action
  • Warn others of bad dogging locations
    As we have thousands of scotland based trannies if you should hear of a bad location where either idiots have ruined it or maybe just its being over patrolled by the police, either way the forums section means you can keep updated with all the current information


"I've been waiting to try outdoor sex for ages but didn't know of any good locations around Fife, after I joined the site I was soon pointed in the right direction and meet up with some members for dogging meets
Dunfermline - Fife

"I've read so many dogging stores and really wanted to find either a place to meet or a glory hole as I love sucking guys off in public toilets, thankfully I found one and posted details here and one night sucked off 5 guys one after another
Hamilton - Lanarkshire

"I'm not really into dogging as in carparks or even public toilets but I do get a massive turn on with outdoor sex and was soon able to arrange a meet after I posted the locations and times where I would be. It really works and if your looking for fun check out the dogging forums section
Alloa - Clackmannanshire

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